Hello everyone!

I have been in blog hiatus for the past many weeks because of too much work in the office. But I couldn’t resist posting this postcard here. This was sent from Mbolasoa, my sister in the Republic of Madagascar. She lives in Antananarivo, its capital. Madagascar is in the east coast of Africa. It has so many different species of flora and fauna.

If you look at the card closely, it resembles the map of Madagascar. So can this be called a mapcard? 🙂

I am really happy to receive this postcard. And I want to shout out a special thanks to Mbolasoa. Thanks, sis! Take care always.


Sorry for the late update, I’ve been really busy at work. But I still managed to get many interesting postcard. I said interesting because some of these postcards were sent from and postmarked in what postcrossers call “hard-to-get-countries” such as Malawi and Ghana! I am thrilled to have those cards. But what makes these cards very, very special is that these were sent to me by very special people, people who are close to my heart. Thanks to all of you!

Finally, I have found albums which I can use for my cards. The albums are lignin-free and acid-free so I think that should be enough to protect my dear cards. These are actually scrapbooking albums with protective sheets. I have been looking for postcard albums but there are no such things here in the Philippines. I have visited different specialty stores in Metro Manila and other key cities in Visayas and Mindanao but no positive results. So I think the scrapbooking albums will be fine. (But if there’s someone somewhere out there who’s generous enough to send me a postcard album, that is going to make me jump four feet high LOL :D).

Take care, everyone! And thanks for visiting even if I’ve been away for so long.

I was surfing the internet this morning and I thought I saw my blog’s link in one of my searches. When I clicked it, I was redirected to a blog that has the same layout as mine! And the blog’s URL? It is almost like mine, too. So if you want to see the (almost) twin of my blog, click HERE.

The owner of the blog has nice postcards, too. But I think it is from his or travels. I just wish I can understand the content of the blog. Unfortunately, it is written in a language that I am not capable of reading and understanding.

Just an update on my postcard exchange adventure: I did not receive a postcard today. But I am hopeful tomorrow a postcard will make me smile 🙂

Wohooo!!! I am jumping with joy!

The postman delivered 29 postcards! And 15 of them are mapcards of 15 different U.S. states! I think this calls for a celebration 🙂 However, that means I really have to double time with all my other works so I can update this blog soon and show the world the reasons why I feel ecstatic today 🙂

Catching Up

I was browsing the postcrossing forum and was inspired by Janek’s postcard blog (http://ulvikarupostcards.blogspot.com) because it is an updated one. How I’d love to update this one. This weekend, I will try to photographed some cards I promised to post here. I said photograph, not scan, because I cannot scan the cards yet. So, wish me luck! 🙂

Christy of Bahamas had sent me a message saying the card I’ve sent to her had arrived. I’m glad. Thanks for letting me know, Christy! And thank you, too, for your lovely card!

Another Happy Day

Today two of my cards were received by the recipients. One of the cards made its way safely to Ukraine, the other to Finland to cheer up a friend there. I am more happy that the two recipients were delighted to receive the cards :). It’s always feels good whenever I make someone smile with a card I’ve sent.

This morning I have agreed to a private swap with a fellow postcrosser from Martinique. I don’t have any postcard yet from Martinique so I am excited for the card from there that’s on my way to me 🙂